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The Cambridge ‘Time-Eater’

By Ajfitz @theajwriter

My first impression of Cambridge is the staggering amount of bikes. I left with a bizarre feeling of wanting to cycle to work in a suit. I hate bikes. Then I realised cycling is no real effort here as Cambridge is very flat!

Instead, we booked a leisurely punt trip down the river Cam. My friend and I agreed that our punter seemed the most competent and had the best local knowledgable on the water, and for an added bonus we had the best seats on the boat.

We floated under the Bridge of Sighs, a Grade I listed building, and apparently a favorite of Queen Victoria’s. The bridge was built in 1831 and named after the bridge of the same name in Venice. Myth has it that the bridge of Sighs was originally named for the sighs of the condemned as they went from the court to the prison over the bridge, later to be emulated by students as they cross from their accommodation at St Johns college to receiving their grades on the other side of the river.

JT Signature
Cambridge Clock
Punt River Cam

Looking for a fantastic more authentic, less touristy, momentum of your time in Cambridge? Keep an eye out for artists Signature JT outside Kings College selling handmade wooden landscape designs of Cambridge skyline.

We came across an amazing clock outside the Taylor library at Corpus Christi college. The Corpus Clock with the Chronophage mounted on top, literally ‘eating time’. The inventor Dr Taylor told BBC News, “I wanted to depict that time is a destroyer – once a minute is gone you can’t get it back.” The Chronophage is a gothic beast that reminds you that your time is ending every second so don’t waste it!

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