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The Caller (2023) Movie Review

By Newguy

The Caller – Movie Review

The Caller

Director: Richard Anthony Dunford

Writer: Richard Anthony Dunford (Screenplay)


Plot: A customer service agent working from home is terrorized by a dissatisfied psychopathic caller.

Runtime: 1 Hour 32 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: The Caller starts when Izzy (Marks) sets up her home office as a customer service operator for a bank. She goes through the typical selection of customers dealing with easy problems, funny and difficult problems. However, when Caleb Baxter calls, she deals with an aggressive customer threatening her.

When Caleb learns more personal details about Izzy, he threatens to come after her. Now, Izzy is left alone in the home she is housesitting, with a potential psycho coming for her. Every noise puts her on edge and she finds it difficult to concentrate on her job, but how far will Caleb go?

Verdict on The Caller

The Caller is a horror thriller following a customer service agent working from home. She finds herself dealing with an aggressive caller, leading to her being threatened. However, things get worse when the caller learns her true identity and threatens to find her.

This is a horror thriller that feels like it took Sidney’s life from Scream 3 and made even more with that concept. It shows how the new remote working in certain fields could become more dangerous for the employee. While also using the idea that being stalked in a remote home can have plenty of suspense. This does have flaws, as it does feel like we could have seen more protection for the employee or at least looked to address what happened. However, that would have taken away from the suspense of the bigger story. This does everything to keep us on edge, with Sarah Alexandra Marks carrying the movie with her performance.

Final ThoughtsThe Caller is a tense suspenseful thriller.

The Caller (2023) Movie Review

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