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The Cafe with a Blue Door, Essentially, the Blue Door Cafe

By Mohana21

So its been some time since the last time, but you all know how much a sabbatical helps at times. 

Here, I am, back and with more new places, food and a travelogue added here and there. 

After hearing so much from others about the Blue Door Cafe, I decided to walk in and taste what they has to offer.

Do not expect a very fancy ambiance, it is simply decorated in the lines of modern, chic and there is nothing deep and nostalgic about it, but you know, do not judge a book by their cover. Their dishes are pretty pocket friendly, unlike some of the others in Khan market.

The first time I stepped in, I was weirdly craving breakfast do, like I often do, and ordered their French toast slam which came with scrambled eggs, sausages and bacon. The eggs were a little soggy and watery but they were okay, I couldn’t call it outstanding but definitely comforting. Plus, I can eat bacon everyday and still not be satisfied, so that made me really happy. I also ordered their mont blanc, wait there, it’s not some sexy kind of champagne, only a vanilla shake!



My friend ordered here favorite, Alfredo penne with mushrooms, she hates exploring and is quite happy with eating whatever she already knows of. I thought the pasta had a little too much garlic but Aashna was satisfied, so who am I complain?


Fast forward a week, it was one of my really low days where everything failed to impress me. Therefore, I decided to head off and treat myself to a quaint dinner and unfailingly, I walked up through the blue door and flickering through the pages of my book, I ordered their, spaghetti con gamberetti al peperoncino- seafood pasta with lemon, cheese and other condiments. 


Now, here’s what happened next- I devoured every bite, being  a Bengali and growing up loving shrimps, it really was a gastronomical fantasy come true. The spaghetti was perfect, seasoning perfect, again a little too much garlic but I could always go home and brush. I paid my check like a happy customer, walked out, found myself an auto and headed for home. 

5 minutes later, I unusually started to scratch myself, it was like 40 mosquitoes biting me at the same time all over my body. My worried auto driver dashed me to a medical store where I picked up an anti allergy tablet, swallowed it and finally the scratching stopped. The funny thing, I never knew I had an allergy to shrimps, or maybe it was something else, the weather, some particular kind of shrimp, I have absolutely no idea. Maybe, next time, you go out and eat somewhere, it is exetremely important to be aware of your food allergies, needless to say my life as a food blogger is over!


However, if you want a nice simple continental meal, without a hole in your pocket, go to Khan market, find the Blue Door Cafe in the middle lane, walk up and eat all you can, because it sure wouldn’t disappoint you. 

The cafe with a blue door, essentially, the Blue Door Cafe

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