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The Business of #ContentCuratorship

Posted on the 23 April 2014 by Brawilly @therealbrawilly
Nelson Mandela Digital Archives

The business of #ContentCuratorship

<img src=Business #ContentCuratorship" class="alignleft wp-image-9897" data-recalc-dims="1" /> One of the buzzwords of the moments is Content Curatorship. Question is what is in this term? The general definition of  content curatorship is the process of  collecting,  organizing and presenting (representing) information on a particular subject.  In this digital age, information consumption is the lifeblood of society.  Therefore only those who  package commonly  available content in a spellbinding manner will arrest the attention of the market. Curators have a proclivity of  dealing with  heritage material, in other words  mainly old subject matter, there is however an element of digital content curatorship that  involves trends  forecasting.For example the recent Facebook acquisition of Oculus Rift VR (a virtual reality 3D gaming  technology company) curators  such as Mark Zuckerburg (yes I have    qualified him based on the definition of the term) are  predicting that based on history it  can be said that every 10-15 yrs there comes along a new platform of  choice. At  the  moment that platform  is mobile but  apparently  virtual reality is next step. When considering Google’s steps in pioneering the virtual reality glasses,  then it’s  pretty  good prediction to say VR is   the future.

Having a more local take on the matter of content curatorship, I believe the Timbuktu_Manuscripts in Mali, where a  wealth of content about Africa’s medieval learning in the areas of science, philosophy, art and medicine – was kept can be  preserved for future generations. This can be achieved through digital archiving.  It is a safer notion to ponder on content  stored on a cloud, far away from risks such as flooding & burning as it has transpired previously in Timbuktu.

A pioneering project in recent time on the subject of content curatorship would be the collaboration between Google SA and      the Nelson Mandela Foundation on the Center of Memory digital archives initiative. Through digitizing the human triumph  story of how one man stood up for his beliefs and went on to change the course of history.  Archives on Mandela’s life have        been collected, packaged and made accessible through the channel of a website:

Many digital agencies are mentioning curatorship as one of their services under the umbrella on content marketing, and it is going to be interesting to see how a phenomenon such as the Internet and how it has revolutionized lives in the timeline of the past 25yrs will be spoken about. Even more realistically, it will be remarkable how curatorship will become a revenue source for agencies as they apply solution to clients on business cases.

We as eNitiate also offer content curation and I am inviting to our newly launched site: you will be much enlightened about the scientific art of digital content curation.

See the video:

Digital Archives _Nelson Mandela

  • The business of #ContentCuratorship
  • The business of #ContentCuratorship
  • The business of #ContentCuratorship

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