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The Burnt Notebook

By Pamelascott

Inspirational hacks to transform expand your imagination and your creative writing.

Writer and podcaster Ross Sutherland offers you a suite of writing techniques to get your creative juices flowing. This series is packed with tips gleaned from literature's finest writers, but don't worry - Ross isn't about to ask you to write a dense novel or an academic text. Through a series of playful exercises he's encouraging you to have fun, to experiment, to play and to fall in love with the written word.


(Audible Originals, 2 January 2020, 3 hours 20 minutes, audiobook, @audibleuk Original Podcast, free with membership, narrated by Ross Sutherland)



I really enjoyed these podcasts. I'm a fiction writer and really love learning new techniques and trying out different exercises. It's always a lot of fun. These episodes were entertaining, containing a range of anecdotes about well-known writers, creative ideas and exercise to get your creative cogs working. I found the podcasts interesting and a lot of fun. I tried some of the exercises and was pleasantly surprised by the results. This would work really well as a book as well, packed with activities and exercises.

Burnt Notebook

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