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The Bucket List // Mansur Gavriel

By Styleofsam @styleofsam

mansur gavriel bucket bag cammello rosa, review

mansur gavriel bucket bag cammello rosa, review mansur gavriel bucket bag cammello rosa, review, gigi new york mini zip card case, jonathan adler heart sunglasses case, louis vuitton vernis long wallet

mansur gavriel bucket bag // gigi new york zip card case and make up pouch // detachable pouch // louis vuitton vernis wallet {in blue} // jonathan adler glasses case

mansur gavriel bucket bag cammello rosa, review, vita fede futuro ring, elaine turner bamboo bit leather bracelet, frayed denim dress

bucket bag – you can see the scratch // frayed denim dress // bracelet // ringmansur gavriel bucket bag cammello rosa, review, style of samPhotography by Angie Garcia

Happy Monday Loves!  Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.  We had a lot of family time which is always the BESTest!! Little M has been picking up so many words – I really have to watch it.  He is a little parrot and repeats everything I say!  I exclaimed, “Shoot!” when I dropped something while cooking the other day, and he repeated excitedly “$hit”!  Obviously, I’ve GOT to find some replacement words!

As promised, I’m doing a Mansur Gavriel bucket bag review since owning the bag for about a month.  I didn’t find much info when I was doing my research for the bag.  Hopefully, this helps anyone who is interested because they are difficult to find in stores.


This is considered the REGULAR/LARGE bucket bag, and I purchased it for $495.  It comes with a detachable leather pouch, and adjustable strap.  The dimensions are 12.25” H x 10” W x 6” D.  For reference, I am 5’4″ {but I am wearing 2″ platform wedges in the last picture}.  This is a great size for me and holds a TON.

The strap is set to the shortest length {not in the pictures} which makes it an 30″ drop from top of the handle to the bottom of the bag, and I am able to carry it on the shoulder or switch it to cross body without any issues.

FYI, the MINI bucket bag dimensions are 9.5” H x 8” W x 4.5” D and it does NOT have the detachable wallet.  The retail price is $460.


The bag is just gorgeous!  Even Mr. S noticed it when he saw it for the first time on the counter.  It is a beautiful and classic shape, and the vegetable tanned leather in cammello is a great neutral color.

It is very well constructed and feels sturdy.  I do not see any frayed threads, and the leather edges are coated similar to my Louis Vuitton vernis wallet.  After multiple years, the edges of my wallet are showing signs of wear – BTW, I do not baby my items.  It’s gets tossed in and out of my bag. I am curious to see how the edges of the bucket bag will hold up.  I have noticed that the edging on the drawstring is showing some wear, but it does get a lot of use.


The thing about bucket bags is that they are a bottomless pit!  It’s nice that the regular size comes with the detachable pouch, as that is how I organize all of my things anyways. I often change bags so it’s easier to move pouches than individual items.  You can see in the above picture.  If the bottomless pit really bothers you, there is always a purse insert that can help keep you organized!

The self tie is a really interesting concept.  I’ve seen the bucket bag drawstring tied in a bow, in a knot, in a loop, or just once.  It’s great because it’s up to you and makes it easy to access the bag. At the same time, it requires more effort than a snap – like tying your shoelace when you want to close your bag.  I tie mine in a bow and leave an opening big enough for me to grab smaller items or throw my keys in.  So security wise, it may not be the best bag to travel with unless you put a scarf on top to prevent things from falling out if it fell over or pick pocket hands.  I’m a paranoid traveler… obviously.

As mentioned previously, the leather is GORGEOUS!  But please beware that the vegetable tanned leather shows wear very easily i.e. scratches, water marks, etc.  I was caught in a surprise rain storm and have multiple water spots on my bag.  Also, you can see the scratch on the 4th picture.  If you are a person who wants their leather to look perfect, then it will drive you bananas!  The coated calf finish would be a better option for you, but it’s available in rosa, flamma, and blu only.

I stated it previously, but the bag holds A LOT.  It’s very lightweight, and will be heavy only if you fill it to the brim.  I probably could have gotten away with the mini bucket bag, but I wanted the detachable pouch.  The interior looks spectacular and seems to be resistant to wear so far.  I can update this post later if anything changes.


FOUR AND A HALF GOLD STARS {out of five}!  Personally, I am IN LOVE with this bag and look forward to the patina that the leather will develop with lots of use.  The look is so yummy to me {but I am a person who loves antiques and vintage items}.  I took a half star off because of the drawstring.  It’s definitely an investment piece, but I am CERTAIN that it will stand the test of time.

If you have any questions, then let me know in the comments and I’ll do my best to help!


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Rxoxo, Sam

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