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The Breach by @matthewhill

By Pamelascott

Freya Medlock, a reporter at her local paper, is down on her luck. When she's assigned to cover the death of a young climber named Stephen, she might just have the story she needs. Freya soon meets Shep: a trainee steeplejack with his own secret life. As Shep draws Freya deeper into the urbex scene, the circumstances of Stephen's death become more unsettling - and Freya risks more and more to get the answers she wants.


[The burning starts mid-evening when Lakeland greens have run to gold and the foxes on heat are shrieking]


(@TitanBooks, 17 March 2020, 400 pages, e-book, copy from the publisher and voluntarily reviewed)



I'd never heard of the author before. I wanted to read the book because I liked the title, cover and the blurb sounded good. This isn't what I was expecting. I thought it would be a straight-forward horror. There are horror elements, but the book is more science fiction than anything. I do read science fiction but I'm fussy with what I like. Thankfully, this ticked my boxes. At times I wasn't sure what the hell was going on, but the book is so well-written I decided to stop overthinking it and just go with the flow. I enjoyed the alternating POV's for each chapter. I want to read more by the author.

Breach @matthewhill

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