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The Boulevard Being Considered as Sight for Casinos

By Ceemac126 @PGCBlogging

The Boulevard Being Considered as Sight for CasinosHave they lost their absolute minds?  A casino at The Boulevard, which is within walking distance of a metro stop that the County was hoping to develop into something decent.  It’s a SUPER bad idea.

From the Washington Post:

“Charles Hopkins, a Prince George’s native and principal of RMD Holdings, has pitched a plan to Maryland lawmakers to put Casino Largo at the shopping center. As envisioned, the venue would have 4,750 slot machines, 117 table games and a host of other amenities, including a night club, spa and small sports arena.”

Hopkins goes on to say that he really just doesn’t see why this couldn’t happen.  Mr. Hopkins is on some mind altering drug if he thinks that area wouldn’t swiftly be further reduced with the addition of a casino.  The Boulevard is already a bit rough; certainly not upscale, not that it has to be.  But to bring in a casino would be the equivalent of funding  and building a well-lit ghetto  where people can come and be legally robbed.



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