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The Bottom Line According to Mr. G

Posted on the 03 April 2011 by Mikeb302000
via That Mr. G Guy
The bottom line is this, as long as America has the Second Amendment Right for it's citizens,we will continue to be a free country. If we let the UN go forward with their global disarmament policy, then America will become just another third world hell hole.
What could be simpler or more obvious than that, right?  Well, unfortunately it's not quite that simple, and I suspect Mr. G knows that.
We've referred to this graph before, which I suppose is similar to the one referred to in the misleading post we're quoting from. The United States is the ONLY 1st-world, developed country in the top 20. (I guess you could debate Portugal).
Who would possibly think a valid conclusion could be drawn by comparing the "Leader of the Free World" with a bunch of backward, unstable shit-hole countries like that?
I'll tell you who, someone with a biased point of view to justify.
Please notice I put "Leader of the Free World" in quotation marks.  In Mr. G's quote I would have used them on "will continue to be a free country," too.  Gun availability in America militates against its being "a free country."  More and more, ordinary citizens are constrained by law to walk among armed men while doing their shopping or taking the kids to school.  These are men are generally inadequately trained and unfit to make the life-and-death decisions that can occur for those who carry guns. That's not freedom.
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