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The Blue Mountains of NSW – Haunted Or Haunting?

By Davedtc @davedtc

Stunning yes, harsh yes, unnerving, yes.  There is something that is difficult to put your finger on about this area. Is it the large volume of spirits or ghosts roaming the Jamison Valley having lost their lives in inevitably tragic circumstances? Or is it the severity of the geography and the vagaries of the weather that give rise to this eerie feeling? Is it something to do with the ‘Dreamtime’ as expressed by the Aboriginal people of this area? Despite all of its magnificent points and its undisputed beauty, there may well be something amiss in the Blue Mountains of NSW. Amiss maybe the incorrect term but is something rotten in the state of Denmark… except it is NSW.

Blue Mountains of NSW, Australia

From the initial crossing of this treacherous mountain and valley range in 1813, there has been considerable loss of life, as the area is absolutely unforgiving yet beguilingly beautiful. The fog descends and there is a surreal sense of loss of place and loss of purpose, which means that many people lose their bearings … or do they?

It is common for people wandering in the area to be never seen again, despite extensive land and air searches. Is this another “Hanging Rock” Scenario, where 4 schoolgirls and a teacher went for a picnic to this Victorian site, but only 1 girl returned. Speculation still remains rife as to their disappearance in 1900. Are the Blue Mountains  similarly enchanted or bewitched?

It stands to reason that the Blue Mountains has to be highly populated with the ghosts of the original Aboriginal tribes who first lived there, the first white explorers and road builders killed whilst making a road across the interminable valley, or the missing backpacking bushwalkers, abseilers and adrenalin and nature junkies, who have lost their way?

Blue Mountains of NSW, Australia

The other interesting thing about the Blue Mountains area, particularly the towns of Katoomba and Leura, are the amount of sects, cults, hippies, crystal exponents, tarot card readers – you name it and they are there. Why? What is it that draws these sub cultures to this area’. What are the ‘magnetic’ pulls that lure them to the Megalong and Jamison Valleys of the Blue Mountains of NSW?

It is a given that the Aboriginals have been here long before any white mountain crossers or walkers and trekkers, and again they themselves have long commented on the mystical nature of the area. It Is steeped in ancient history with the fossilised Wollomi Pine discovered here, dating from the dinosaur times. The three sisters according to Aboriginal lore and legend are said to have been sisters from the Katoomba tribe, who fell in love with 3 brothers from the Nepean tribe. However this was taboo for them to marry and a witch doctor turned them into stone to protect them. He however was killed before he could reverse the spell and that is why we have the 3 sisters today. Makes you wonder?

Blue Mountains of NSW, Australia

It is though there are ‘sirens’ of the mountains and valley, as opposed to the sea, luring men and women to their demise. Or are they dead? Many have not ever been found. Is there a secret sect or world at the bottom of the Jameson Valley who periodically recruit new members? Do they have their minions in the surrounding towns procuring members?

Or is the mix of the eucalyptus oil and the water from the air, that makes the area blue, too big a drug or hallucinogen that people, from the beginning of human settlement, have succumbed to its narcotic effects?

I don’t know, but there are too many unanswered questions. Why haven’t they been asked before? Do we even want to know or are we prepared to sacrifice a few people to appease someone or something?

Worth think about!

Blue Mountains of NSW, Australia


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