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The Blue Light

By Itellyouastory

There was once upon  a time a  soldier who for many  years had servedthe king faithfully, but when  the war came  to an end  could serve nolonger because of the many wounds  which he had received.  The king saidto  him: «You may return  to your  home, I  need you no  longer, andyou will  not receive any more money, for he only receives wages whorenders me  service for them.» Then the soldier did not  know how toearn a living, went  away greatly troubled,  and walked  the  whole day,until  in the  evening  he entered a forest. When darkness came on, hesaw a light, which he went  up to, and came to  a house wherein  lived awitch.

«Do  give me one  night’s lodging, and a  little to  eat anddrink,» said he  to her,  «or I  shall starve.» «Oho!» she answered,«who  gives anything to a run-away  soldier? Yet will I becompassionate, and take you in, if you will do what I wish.» «What doyou wish?» said  the soldier. «That you  should dig all round  my gardenfor me,  tomorrow.» The  soldier consented, and  next day  laboured withall his strength, but could not finish it by the evening. «I see wellenough,» said the witch, «that you can  do no more today, but I willkeep you yet another night, in  payment for which you  must tomorrowchop me  a load of wood, and chop it small.»


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