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The Blogger Interview Tag

By Maxwell1212 @MummyToTheMax
The Blogger Interview Tag
I was recently tagged by Bex in a tag called The Blogger Interview. In the tag, a few different questions are asked about blogging and you have to give your answer. I have answered all answers honestly and in full!
How did you get into blogging?
I started blogging after reading a lot of blogs when I started entering competitions. I used to love reading money saving tips and I loved watching people's families grow. When I first started blogging, Maxwell was just a baby. The main reason I started blogging was due to fact I wanted to document our journey, starting off as a young family and I wanted to share my own money saving ideas that many people had not thought of. We are now 3 years into our journey of blogging and we are loving every single minute of it.-------------------------------------------------------
What advice would you give to a blogger just starting out?
A blog takes time, money and patience. It is like a child. You need to love and nurture it, support it and over time it will blossom into something you love. You need to think about a subject you want to blog about and pick a fitting blog name that is unique to you and not others. You want your own identity, something that is easy for others to find and follow.
I always see people stating on forums that they are going to start a blog because they think it is easy to get "free" things to review and make money quickly. If you are looking to do these things, look elsewhere. You need to build up your blog which takes time and a lot of hard work. You need to learn thing's off your own back. You need to interact with the blogging community and you need to build up your own contacts which takes years not days. 
Are you setting up a blog for the right reason? Why would a company send you items to review or pay you money to promote  if you have no following? What is in it for the company?
How has your blog changed since you started writing it?
My blog has changed and will continue to change. As the world moves on, day by day, my blog moves on. When I first started blogging Max was just a baby. My blog was more baby orientated however Max is now a 3 year old little boy so baby things take a back seat.
When I first started blogging I had never laid my eyes on Instagram, Pinterest and I only had a Twitter account to enter competitions. These days I know how to use these sites well and I now have a large following on them - especially Twitter. Since I started blogging I have created my own identity, gone from a blogspot address to a address and had a lot of fun along the way. 
What would be your dream campaign?
The smallest things make me happy and I love to see Maxwell smile. My dream campaign would be something that would help us create memories and something we could look back on years to come. My dream campaign would be a little holiday somewhere or a day spent on a cruise ship together as a family. 
What advice would you give to PR’s wanting to approach you for a campaign?
Take the time to read my blog and learn about me and my family. The most irritating thing that I get sent is ton's of press releases daily, most that have nothing to do with what I write about. Not only does it waste a PR's time sending the to me but it wastes my time by having to put them into my junk folder. I do not publish any form of press releases and I never will. 
Do you have a plan for your blog?
I would adore to write more money saving ideas and I would love to spend more time developing my blog - I hope to do this in the next year. I have a few other ideas that are sitting on the back burner at the moment but I can not wait to share new ideas with my readers in the future!
What do you think about rankings?
Is the number 100 going to change to number 1 if you obsess over it for a few hours? Ranks can be great however so much time can be wasted obsessing over them. The time that you spend obsessing can be spent better by doing positive things. If you are doing the best you can then being number 1 should not matter. Ranks can be great but they can make others feel very low. On these low days, step away from the numbers and remember why you started your blog!
I hope you enjoyed my answers to the questions above. If you could ask me any blog questions, what would they be? Please leave your questions in the comments below!

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