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The Bizarre Paranoia of Gun Owners

Posted on the 06 August 2011 by Mikeb302000
Of course it's not average gun owners, and it certainly doesn't start with them, but whether from the NRA or the GOA, as in this case, the marching orders go out and they are to be afraid.
Andrew Breitbart's Big Government published an article, opinion piece I suppose you could call it, although the dissemination of marching orders is never maligned with the title op-ed. It comes off more like an announcement.
No wonder Gun Owners of America (GOA) was sounding an alarm as the debt bill moved toward a final vote on Tuesday. They warned us that the “Super Congress” could pass gun control where there is neither filibuster nor Speaker of the House to intervene, and then “22 liberal Republicans can join the Congressional Democrats and the President in closing the gun show ‘loophole,’ banning semi-automatic weapons, creating a national handgun registration, or ordering state gun laws moot.” (Keep in mind there are plenty of John McCain’s out there in the Republican Party who’d cross the aisle in a heartbeat to shut down gun shows.)
Can you believe these guys? The U.S. economy is on the brink of imploding, we're engaged in four foreign wars, the oceans are dying and what are they concerned with? Congress COULD pass gun control.
It often seems the gun folks want to be persecuted.  When persecution doesn't exist, they pretend it does. They say it COULD happen.  I believe the gun manufacturers are behind all this, all the nonsense of stocking up on guns and ammo when Obama got elected, all the exaggerated claims about the UN small Arms Treaty, and now it's this, the Super Congress.
I figure it's the gun manufacturers even more than the gun rights organizations because the manufacturers have more to gain.  It's simple.
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