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The Birkat Kohanot Show Must Go On!

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
The show must go on!
The Women of the Wall reently announced an event that will take place during Pesach and called upon all women to join. They will be havnig a "birkat khanot" event, in an attempt to copy the mass birkat kohanim event that takes place at the Kotel every Chol Hamoed. The birkat kohanot will have female kohanot bless the crowds.
This event is entirely made up and based on nothing. Unlike the issues of davening, wearing tallis and tefillin, reading from the Torah, where these are mitzvos and one can debate whether women shoyuld or should not perform them even if not commanded to, this is absolutely nothing and has no basis in the Torah.
An appeal was filed by the organization "Btzedek" with the Supreme Court to put a halt to this event, calling it nothing but a provocation.
Today the Supreme Court rejected the petition and decided that the show must go on. The reason for the rejection of the appeal is a bit surprising - because it was filed at the last minute.
source: Kikar
So what? As long as it was filed in time, so what? How could they file it before the last minute, considering the event was only just recently announced?
While I would not have expected the Court to approve the petition and block the women from having this event, I would have expected a different reason as the basis - discrimination, equality, etc.
They will only have a small number of women anyway, so they should be easily ignored. They are not really doing anything wrong, except at most a bracha levatala, so I suggest not making a big deal about this.
I do wonder that if the Women of the Wall continue to find ways to be provocative and make trouble despite the fact that they have come to an agreement already, will this somehow put the  agreement in jeopardy? At a certain point people , even those who supported the original agreement, might say "tafasta meruba lo tafasta" - we tried to help, we made agreements, but you still keep making trouble, so forget it and everything goes back to the way it was. They very well may lose everything. Of course then it might go to the Supreme Court (which is supposedly what the agreement was meant to avoid) and then anythign can happen - they might win anyway and get their way, but they also might lose.
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