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The Biggest Land Animal On Earth

By Azanimals @azanimals

 Adult Adult The African Elephant is the largest land animal on Earth with some adult males capable of reaching 3.5m in height and weighing more than 5,000kg. Their historical range would have once extended throughout much of central and southern Africa, although today they are confined to much smaller areas.

Found in forests, savannah and on flood plains these nomadic animals spend the majority of their time migrating across the African wilderness in search of food and water, in small family groups that contain around 10 individuals and consist of mothers and their calves. Here are just a handful of their most fascinating facts:

Herd Have four molars which weigh up to 5kg each and can reach 30cm long. Tusks can grow up to 2.5m long and tend to weigh between 50 - 100 lbs. Family groups are known to come together forming a clan of around 1,000 individuals. Their large ears are more useful for cooling them down than for hearing. They can take 1.5 gallons of water into their trunk at a time. One individual can drink up to 50 gallons of water a day. Thought to spend around 16 hours a day eating up to 495lbs of food.
Mother and Baby
Mother and Baby Longest pregnancy of any land mammal that lasts for an average of 22 months. Babies are able to walk shortly after birth and weigh up to 120kg. They are able to recognise old faces and even grieve for dead relatives.

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