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'The Big One,' Part II: Dale Jr. Is Out 2 Races

By Thefriskyvirgin
Last post, I ranted about the media hype and not-so-subtle salivation for 'The Big One.' 
Well, that oh-so-popular (note sarcasm) 'Big One' has resulted in NASCAR's most BELOVED driver having to sit out for two races due to a concussion...and he just happens to be my driver, Dale Earnhardt, Jr.
Though my heart is broken for him with regard to the Chase, his health is WAY WAY WAY more important. 
Something told me he was hurt after that race. The way he was clutching his head in his hands made my stomach flip. I just had this feeling I couldn't shake--something wasn't right. Ever since the race, I've been checking for updates--THAT is how strong my gut feeling was. I'm so, so glad he had it checked out. 
Races will be there. Wins will be there. Championships will be there. And so will Dale. He has had a spectacular year, and it will continue straight to a Championship. Oh, yes, he will win it all, of that, I have no doubt; I never ignore my gut. I'm a big believer in timing--when it's right, it's right...it's meant to be.
Not that he'll ever see my little corner of the blogosphere, but, for what it's worth: Feel better soon, Dale. Your Championship is coming. Promise. 
And, so, you know I must say it...GO DALE!
'The Big One,' Part II: Dale Jr. Is Out 2 Races

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