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The Best Samsung Phone To Buy In 2019

By Huntsends

2019 has been a phenomenal year for smartphones. With features such as wireless charging and not only dual but triple cameras becoming the norm for any phone whether high-end or budge; there's increasing competition for flagship phones as well.

But Samsung, the South Korean giant does not disappoint. Over the years, it has competed with several companies that have tried to surpass the name of Samsung in the smartphone industry; but they have failed.

Samsung and Apple compete side by side. For every 5 smartphones that are sold around the world, at least one of them is a Samsung. Hence, when we look at the best phones to buy in 2019, it's no surprise that Samsung is part of the list.

However, if you're losing your mind trying to decide which phone to buy in 2019, we have you covered. The verdict on our end, for the best phone by Samsung in 2019 till now, is the Samsung Galaxy S10+.

This flagship phone was released in February of 2019. It introduces new features by Samsung such as the long awaited in-screen fingerprint sensor.


The Samsung Galaxy S10+ houses a 6.4 inch screen, making it the largest screen on a Samsung smartphone. It is powered by Samsung's Super AMOLED display, with a much better display compared too many of its previous phones. The screen-to-body ratio is an astounding 93.1%. What makes the display even better and appeasing is the lack of water drop notch. It's called the Infinity-O display where instead of the water drop notch you find laser cut hold on the edge to give way for the front camera.
If the Full HD+ screen isn't cutting it for you, you can choose to crank it up to QHD+. This is a huge plus for movie and YouTube video watching lovers. The infinity display along with the QHD+ display looks mesmerizing.

The Best Samsung Phone To Buy In 2019
The Best Samsung Phone To Buy In 2019

The Samsung S10+ is still made up of the aluminum frame Samsung is known for. But, it is matched with Gorilla Glass 6. You get to choose between 3 colors: white, black and green. The design is sleek and luxurious even the triple lens camera on the back only has a subtle bump to it.
Overall the S10+ design makes our hearts throb with its easily accessible volume buttons and easy to hold despite its large size has won us over.
Let's not forget the new feature of the in-screen fingerprint sensor that takes a 3D scan of your finger. Despite no cues to guide where it's set up, after some time you get used to it. However, the face unlock feature is quicker than the fingerprint sensor. But, we all know that the face unlock feature can cause issues and can mean a lack of security.


The S10+ is home to a triple camera lens with a 12 MP regular and also a 12 MP telephoto lens along with a 16MP ultra-wide lens. But, let's get straight to the downside of this flagship camera. Even though, it does a well enough job with low light pictures, it tends to overcompensate. In low light conditions the S10+ tends to soften the picture more than needed in an attempt to reduce the noise that is often times present.
However, the camera is still the best for the year 2019. It even makes iPhone pictures pale in comparison. The ultra-wide lens tends to extend up to 123 degree, so you won't have to shift to panorama as often as you think.
It also offers you the Live Focus mode for an opportunity to play around with your selfies. The front facing camera consists of a dual lens with 10MP + 8MP. This dual camera feature allows you to take better Portrait pictures or even selfies. The wide picture feature gives you the ability to take group pictures with ease.

Performance and Battery
The Best Samsung Phone To Buy In 2019
The Best Samsung Phone To Buy In 2019

This device is probably the fastest Samsung Phone ever. It is powered by Snapdragon 855 and various performance tests have brought it up to be almost as speedy as the iPhone XS. So if you invest in a Samsung Galaxy S10+ you'll have a device that is fast enough to be a gaming device.
The S10+ gives you value and storage for your money. It starts out with a 128 GB and the other variant has 512 GB available to you. Furthermore, the S10+ is home to a microSD slot which can be home to no less than 1TB in storage.

Samsung comes in big with this flagship having a 4,100 mAH battery which will last you a day and a half at most. Despite having the capability of lasting all day, you have the option of a variety of ways to conserve your battery. Another cool feature available in the s10+ is the ability of Wireless Power Sharing which allows you to wirelessly charge your friends phone while they're waiting for their car to get here.
All in all the Samsung Galaxy S10+ is a prize to have, if you can afford it of course. Despite being on the expensive side of things, it won't let you down.

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