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The Best of Today’s Dogg

Posted on the 28 November 2012 by Steveliu @charitablegift

In a world where political cartoons in the paper sometimes get too shocking or controversial or just plain maddening, there’s something special and reassuring about Today’s Dogg, a syndicated cartoon by Guy Gilchrist. Each one is a single panel comic by Gilchrist starring various dogs. I wouldn’t say the comics are particularly edgy or roll-on-your-sides funny, but there is a certain honesty and purity about them that I appreciate.

The Best of Today’s Dogg is a compilation of the best of Today’s Dogg comics. Here’s a sample.

today's dogg

What’s really cool about this comic and this book is that a sizable portion of the profits goes to grassroots rescue and adoption group. If you know a Guy Gilchrist or Today’s Dogg fan, this makes a fabulous Christmas present.

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