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The Best Muscle Plan for Men

By Menscience

Men who want to start building muscle should know the right steps to take to get the results they want. Building muscle takes time, and men should not resort to taking unhealthy shortcuts in an attempt to achieve faster results. Here are a few of the safest and most effective ways beginners can use to build muscle:

Eat More

Men who are not eating enough will have more trouble achieving bulk. Some men may even want to increase their calorie intake by an additional 500 calories each day in order to make sure they are getting the nutrition they need to build muscle. In order to grow muscle, you need to eat more – period.

Eat the Right Kinds of Foods

Filling up on sugary edibles or foods containing large amounts of saturated fats will only increase a person’s body fat percentage. This does no good in building muscle. It is best to eat foods containing higher levels of calories from healthier sources such as protein and carbohydrates. Extra levels of protein should also be incorporated into a diet so that muscles can grow. Healthy supplements like a protein shake can also be incorporated into a diet in order to help muscles grow more effectively.


Exercising is one of the main components required to develop bigger and stronger muscles. Free weights and weight machines at a gym should be used regularly as part of a strength training regimen. Some fitness experts claim that doing too much cardio will only be counterproductive in building muscle, so it is best to limit cardio workouts to shorter durations if a person feels they need to still do these types of exercises. Follow these weight-training tips for maximum benefits.

Rest Muscles

Some people may be surprised to learn that muscle growth actually occurs while muscles are at rest. Strength training exercises actually cause small tears in the muscle tissue as each muscle group is worked. Adequately resting muscles after a workout is required in order for these tears in the tissue to heal. Muscles get bigger and stronger as these tears heal. Muscles cannot get bigger and stronger if they are overworked and are not allowed to rest properly. It is best to alternate strength training exercises on certain days in order to work certain muscle groups while others are allowed to rest.

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