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The Best Man: Tasks, Duties & Wedding Speeches

By Weddingblog2011

Many people assume that the only task of the best man is just to hand the ring to the groom and then give a speech at the reception, but this is just the tip of the iceberg! The best man is an important part of the wedding.

Just like his counterpart, the maid of honor, the best man is not just a sibling of the groom. He is the best friend of the groom. He is the one that the groom feels has been with him through thick and thin and is the person he can most rely on.

The best man is supposed to be closely involved in the groom’s efforts to get ready for his nuptials. This includes helping the groom as he runs around town looking for the best place to have their wedding night (if he and his bride didn’t make prior arrangements), helping with getting the marriage license, helping the groom overcome the jitters (yes, they do get them!) and if necessary, driving around on the groom’s behalf to help complete errands including helping him get the ring made.

Let’s not forget the bachelor or stag party. Yes, the best man is responsible for gathering all the groom’s male friends and relatives and giving him the chance to enjoy their company on his last event as a single male. His job is to make absolutely sure that the groom is really sure that getting married is what he truly wants to do and that he is ready for the commitment he is about to make.

Stag Night

No matter when he has the party and no matter what time it ends, he has to ensure that he gets the groom to the church on time. Heaven forbid that he stands up the bride at the altar because he was too drunk to wake up for the wedding. He is also responsible for ensuring that the groom’s suit is ready when he needs it and that all the accessories are in place, like the buttonierre and tie.

Let’s not forget the getaway car. He has to ensure that the “just married” sign is in place, along with the “noisemakers” at the rear of the car. Of course, it’s best to ensure that the car is in working order too!

For a complete list of best man duties, plus 20 sample best man speeches that you can copy and use yourself to impress your wedding guests, visit my dedicated best man section…

So, here’s to the best man. He’ll be just as busy as the groom preparing for the wedding, but won’t be getting hitched on the big day. It’s merely a dress rehearsal for him :)

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