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The Best Internet Marketing Courses That Will Earn You Money

By Harshil Barot @Harshil_Barot

The idea of making money from internet marketing where you can work from home or simply supplement your existing income sounds amazing for most people.

The big problem comes when you are trying to learn how to do internet marketing. This is a new career field and there are no accredited universities offering a course on how to perform this type of marketing.

Make Money Online Through Internet Marketing Courses

The Best Internet Marketing Courses That Will Earn You Money

However, there is an abundance of courses out there promising to teach you the secret behind making millions of dollars each month. These sound too good to be true because they are. Before shelling out your hard-earned cash, it's a good idea to put things into perspective. Making a million dollars your first month is quite unlikely.

Internet marketing is a career path, just like a dentist or doctor. It takes time and commitment to learning the necessary skills that will allow you to excel in the online marketing world. A course offering to show you how to make two million dollars this week with two hours of work is a scam.

You need a course that will cover all areas of the online marketing arena and show you how to implement them into a profitable career. There are two online courses that do this, which we will take a look at below.

Source University

If you're brand new to the internet marketing world, as in you've never made a website before, then this is the ideal starter course for you. Source University is packed full of valuable content that users can work through at their own pace.

The course is broken down into three sections, including Beginner Classes, Intermediate Classes, and Link Building Classes. All classes are comprised of video instructions that lasts anywhere between 5 to 30 minutes.

This course doesn't leave any stone unturned. It's setup in an easy-to-use format that provides clear instruction to get fast results. One of the most beneficial parts of the course is the in-depth explanations of Google penalties and old internet marketing practices that no longer work.

If you are still very new to internet marketing, it's likely you've been reading many different blogs which are all telling you to do something different. This course works to straighten out any preconceived notions and gets the user to understand what really works.

Source University is taught by Alex Becker, Gregory Ortiz, Stephen Floyd, and Tim Schmidtt. All of these internet marketers are renown in the online world. Each of them is a millionaire who continues to pull in thousands of dollars per month doing internet marketing. This course is constantly updated as internet marketing practices change and is charged as a monthly fee.

OMG Machines

This is the premiere course for anyone wanting to get into internet marketing. It's a step up from Source University. OMG Machines is ideal for those who have a little background in making self employment income through internet marketing but are looking to make even more. This is the complete course to making money online, period!

This course is comprised of hundreds of hours of lessons. It's broken into multiple segments explaining the different areas of internet marketing. A few of these include Client , Affiliate Marketing, and Amazon Marketing.

OMG Machines is constantly updated with new instructional videos. Coaches, as the instructors are called, are very active on the forum and do question and answer videos each week.

The instructors in this course consist of the biggest internet marketing industry players. Some of which include Greg Morrison, Kotton Grammer, Stephen Floyd, Fletch, Joe Marfoglio, and Mike Long. If you've been in the internet marketing world for more than a month it's likely you've heard of one of these guys. They are all millionaires who make their income from doing what they teach with the OMG Machines course.

This course is one of the most expensive on the market, with the latest release going at a price of $7,000 per person. However, that one-time fee will not only provide you with the newest internet marketing strategies but will grant you access to all the previous course videos.

One amazing thing about the OMG Machines course is their ability to teach people time and time again how to make more than a full-time living online. There are testimonials upon testimonials each year boasting the success of this course.

If you want to make real money from internet marketing there are only two courses you need to worry about. Source University will provide you with the skills to start making a full-time income from home. OMG Machines will them open your eyes to a whole new world of internet marketing strategies that can allow you to make your dream income. 🙂

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