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The Best Homemade Dry Harissa

By Ally @allykitchen
The Best Homemade Dry Harissa

Cooking from from scratch is always better! And, that's precisely the case with making the best homemade dry harissa! One spice. Many uses!

Homemade Dry Harissa

Homemade Harissa Seasoning

Homemade harissa and Ally's Kitchen go hand in hand. Because here in my kitchen, I want to take you around the world to taste new flavors without even having to go through TSA security! And, with this simple and easy recipe for harissa, I think you'll be using it, like I do, on soooooooooo many things!

What is Harissa

So what is harissa? Let me introduce you to the chili sauce or ketchup of the Middle East. It originated in Tunisia. Traditionally created to season goat, lamb, or fish stew, harissa's popularity grew rapidly. It soon spread to other countries like Libya, Algeria, Morocco, France and Germany.

Harissa Recipe

The main ingredients in a dry homemade harissa are usually piri piri, a type of chili pepper, serrano peppers or other hot chili peppers, plus spices and herbs, like garlic, coriander, red chili powder and caraway seeds. But depending on which household you live in or what region you're from, it might include other things like cumin, , red peppers and lemon juice.

For a Round Up of my Harissa recipes, just click!

Recipes with Harissa

Harissa mixtures are as unique to households as DNA is to each living individual! There's not just 'one' recipe! Variations galore exist, but they all contain the basic building blocks.

I have so many recipes using harissa. For me, it's as easy as using one of your favorite spice mixtures, say Italian seasoning. Here are some great ideas for you and, hopefully, you'll see that making this recipe is well worth the little bit of time you'll be spending on it! Guess which of these recipes netted me a cool $25,000 prize money!

Easy Harissa Shakshuka Harissa Eggplant & Roasted Peppers Beef Meatball Fruit Kabobs Veal Harissa Meatballs and Mint Sauce One Skillet Harissa Chicken & Vegetables

Homemade Harissa Powder

So, here's my recipe for harissa from my cookbook. I'm sharing it with you because I want you to explore the flavors and enjoy the variety of things you can do with this spice mixture. Harissa Powder

Middle Eastern Harissa Recipe

Here in America, we love our ketchup, and I'm hoping you'll put harissa on the table next to your salt and pepper, chili flakes, hot chili sauce or other condiment that makes most everything a little better!

How to Make Homemade Harissa

The pictures you see below are all from recipes I've created using harissa. I have sooooooooo many simple easy ideas for using this spice mixture. Click here!

The Best Homemade Dry Harissa
The Best Homemade Dry Harissa

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