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The Best Garage Storage Systems for 2019

By Nitrotech

It's all too easy to let the garage become the dumping ground for anything that doesn't have a certain spot somewhere else in the house. And unfortunately, it usually means just being jammed on a shelf, or in a corner in the garage and eventually ends up as a total mess.

But it doesn't have to be that way! There are many innovative garage storage systems that give you that additional storage space you need, without letting it become a pig sty.

The Best Garage Storage Systems for 2019

There are many unique products that can turn your garage from a total mess to a glorious man cave, let's take a look at the main types and our recommended brands for each.

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Full Cabinet System

The Best Garage Storage Systems for 2019

This is probably what we all dream of when it comes to the best garage storage system. A full cabinet set up.....beautiful!

Matching cabinets, plenty of storage space, and that sleek industrial look to make all your mates jealous. Sounds pretty good hey?

Made with 24 gauge steel frames, fully lockable double walled doors and adjustable shelving - this system is sure to give you all the storage space you need. The sleek look fits perfectly in any garage, as long as you have the space to fit it 😉

NewAge have gone all out and spare no expense with this product. Just some of the awesome features are:

  • Lockable doors
  • Adjustable shelving
  • Soft close drawers
  • Built in work bench
  • Wall mount hardware included
The Best Garage Storage Systems for 2019

Being such a serious storage system, it will take you about 4 hours to put this together. But who doesn't like a good flat pack and a few beers hey?

Once you have the NewAge cabinets installed - be prepared for garage envy from all your mates. This is one seriously good looking cabinet system and a great investment.

You will NOT regret this purchase.

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Single Storage Cabinets

The Best Garage Storage Systems for 2019

If you don't need a full cabinet set up, but still need the odd cabinet to store items in your garage in then a single storage cabinet may be what you need.

The Suncast garage storage cabinet is well sized, durable and has great storage capacity . The dimensions of this unit are 72″ H x 30″ W x 20″ D.

The garage is where we are often moving tools and heavy items around, so accidental damage to our garage storage cabinets can be more common that we would like. Made in the USA from heavy duty blow-molded resin, the cabinet itself is surprisingly strong and can take an absolute beating.

The blow-molded resin bounces right back into shape if it is accidentally bumped or dented, and it will never rust or warp.

The Best Garage Storage Systems for 2019

If security of your tools is of concern to you, then the Suncast cabinets are incredibly hard to break into and they also come with padlock ready doors.

Assembly of the cabinet is very easy, and installation is as simple as putting it where you want it. Be aware though, if you have little children around you might want to secure it to the wall to ensure the little ones don't accidentally cause it to topple over.

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Overhead Shelving Storage

The most obvious underused space in your garage to store stuff, is on the ceiling! No, I don't mean sticking stuff to the roof, I mean that it is quite simple to install some overhead shelving that hangs from the ceiling and gives the ideal medium-long term storage solution.

If you live in a flood prone area, this storage solution also has the added benefit of keeping your stuff well above floor level and (hopefully) well out of reach of any water that may make it into the garage.

The Fleximounts overhead garage storage rack provides a convenient way to do this, that looks great, is easy to install and won't cost the Earth.

Fleximounts have used premium quality materials for this overhead storage system, and it certainly gives you that extra piece of mind. When mounted as per the instructions, integrated grid design ensures the shelving is super sturdy and the manufacturer states that is can safely hold up to 600lbs.

Speaking of installation - it is very easy to DIY install this system. The product comes complete with well written instructions, and if you have all the tools ready to go - you will find mounting this shelving an absolute breeze.

The only real caveat here is that you might need assistance from a friend to make the installation and unpacking as easy as possible. Depending on the model you decide on, the box weighs around 67 lbs.

Tools required to assemble:

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Pegboard Wall Storage

Peg boards aren't exactly a new invention when it comes to the best garage storage system. In fact, my grandfather used to use peg board to keep his tools nicely organized.

But recently a few companies have taken the peg board idea and updated it - making it stronger and easier to use and adapt to your ever changing tool collection.

Wall Control has a steel pegboard available that is 10 times stronger than the conventional type, and it also has many accessories that are specifically designed to make tool storage easy.

Featuring heavy duty magnetic panels, this system offers ultimate flexibility. It is compatible with all the conventional pegboard pegs, as well as having additional slots to allow you to use the specially designed accessories.

It is worth mentioning that the additional accessories you can buy are not cheap, and you may be better off looking for an alternative source of cheaper alternatives - which because of good design, this system will likely be compatible with.

Installation is quite easy and straight forward and the provided instructions are well written. Obviously you will want to make sure you are attaching directly to the studs if going into dry wall. It is worth mentioning that the edges of the steel peg board itself are extremely sharp and extra care is required to make sure you don't cut yourself during installation.

The standard kit comes with:

  • 2 x 32″ 16″ steel pegboards
  • 1 x 6″ shelf
  • 3 x plastic storage bins
  • 1 x screwdriver holder
  • 1 x hammer holder
  • 15 x assorted hooks and brackets
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Ladder and Large Tool Hook Storage

Some tools, like ladders, are simply too large to be stored using traditional shelves or cabinets. This is where storage hooks can come in super handy for getting that large bulky tools off the floor and into a more out of the way location.

CoolYeah makes some great heavy duty storage hooks that are designed four holding ladders and other bulky items.

These hooks are made from premium quality iron, and have a non-slip PVC coating to ensure your items aren't scratched by the hooks and also stay sturdily in place. And you can have peace of mind with this product as it comes with a lifetime replacement and refund guarantee.

The CoolYeah hooks are also available in different sizes depending on what you want to store and installation is easy. Just make sure you mount them using the correct fixing type for whatever you are mounting them too, failing to do so might result in even more of a mess than you had in the first place!

One recommendation we have when mounting these hooks, is to purchase some screws/wall anchors separately and not use the included screws that come with the CoolYeah hooks. While the hooks themselves are of high quality, unfortunately the screws provided are of inferior quality.

Broom and Garden Tool Holders

Mops, brooms and garden tools are items that are present in almost every garage, unfortunately these commonly used itemsare often just shoved in a corner to try and get them out of the way.

An easy solution to keep these commonly used items out of the way while still being easily accessible is the Berry Ave broom and garden tool organizer.

It's actually a super simple solution, and once you get it installed you will be kicking yourself for not doing it sooner.

The organizer consists of a plastic rail that is mounted to the wall, it has built in slots for brooms, garden tools, mops etc. Each slot is spring loaded and has rubber gripping devices that hold the tools in place sturdily. In fact, Berry Ave offer a no-slide guarantee - if your tools slide down in the holder, you get your money back!

As you would expect, the installation process is extremely simple. Our one tip is to make sure you use spirit level, as there is nothing more annoying than having to look at a storage rack that is not mounted straight!

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Organize Your Garage Today!

With all these great products on the market, there is no excuse for having a messy garage. Gone are the days of those power being shoved onto a messy shelf, or those brooms being shoved into the corner to get in the way.

You should now be armed with the knowledge to pick the best garage storage system for your needs. So get organizing - and send us pics of the results!

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