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The Best Face Mask

By Jayfletch22 @Jayfletch22
Hey everyone!
So for the past week, there has been a HUGE heatwave over Chicago. Well, pretty much over most of the United States. With temperatures in the 100's, it means one thing: I will have a more oily face. I hate it so much when that happens!
My way of combating the oil on my face is to used a clay based mask. I love using this Clay and Lemon mask by Freeman Feeling Beautiful that I bought from Walmart because it is great for drying out my face when I need it.
The back of the bottle says, "This detoxifying clay mask enhanced with Mint and Lemon extract helps soothe and calm problematic skin. Helps control oil production and reduce the appearance of large pores. Perfect for t-zone and oily skin types."
I have used other masks before, and none of them are as amazing as this one. It dries out my skin, but doesn't overdry it. I don't really use it to treat acne, only for oil.
It has a really rich lemon smell, and if too much is used close to the eyes, it will irritate them a little bit but it is easily avoidable.
Please bear with me, whenever I tried to upload one of these pictures, it wouldn't rotate to stay straight! The Best Face Mask
The Best Face Mask
The Best Face Mask
I was totally messing around while applying it. I look like Gerard Butler from The Phantom of the Opera!
The Best Face Mask
The Best Face MaskThe Best Face Mask
The Best Face Mask

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