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The Best Bridal Shower Themes

By Weddingblog2011

A bridal shower is a time to pamper and spoil the bride before her big day. A tradition that has been carried on from the 16th century, it is a time for friends to get together to wish the bride well-wishes as she embarks on the latest journey of her life. So here are some great theme ideas to make that special day one she’ll remember for a long time to come.

Around the Clock – Guests are invited to bring a gift that represents a specific time of the day; the more times that are allotted, the more gifts are received. Kick off the festivities with an array of imaginative “hours” d’oeuvres. You can make mini-bite-sized portions of foods that are eaten at different times of the day and serve on platters with toothpicks in frills. Some favorites are tiny stacks of “silver dollar” pancakes and cupcakes with decorations resembling a clock.

Honeymoon Shower – Once you know where the bride and groom will be going for their honeymoon – be it the warm beaches of Hawaii or the icy slopes of Aspen – set up a theme to celebrate their destination. Gifts and decorations should match their honeymoon site, and it’s possible to find inspiration by doing research online to help with the set up of the shower.

Lingerie Theme – This seems to be a favorite for many as it entails a more fun and sexy way to usher the bride into her new life as a wife. Make the setting intimate with the use of candles, chocolates and large red or pink pillows for guests to sit on. Each guest is asked to bring in lingerie as a gift, and on their way home, guests are given scented sachets to tuck into their lingerie drawer.

Garden Party Theme – What better way to enjoy that first day of spring or the warmth of summer by hosting a garden party? This can be held in the afternoon or evening with candlelight. Guests are asked to bring gifts that the bride can use in her garden, and at the end, guests are given flower boxes filled with seeds to start up their own gardens or plant in existing ones.

Christmas Ornament Theme – For the bride who is a big fan of the Christmas holiday, this is a great bridal shower theme for her. Guests bring ornaments that will be used as decorations in the couple’s first Christmas tree. Some great ornament ideas include personalized ones that can have pictures of friends and family. Tables can also be accented with ornament place card holders.

Stock the Pantry Theme – In this bridal shower theme, guests are asked to write their favorite recipe on a recipe card and to bring the bard with them along with non-perishable ingredients in a gift basket. You can even have a potluck event where all the dishes are freshly cooked. For favors, each guest is given a set of heart-shaped cookie cutters or personalized spice jars filled with favorite homemade treats.

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