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The Best Attractions to Visit This 2020 in Mexico

By Davedtc @davedtc

There are many famous places around the world, with impressive and majestic attractions, such as the Disney parks that we can find in different cities of the world, the Eiffel Tower of France, the Great Wall of China, Stonehenge among many others.

However, Mexico has equally amazing and beautiful attractions; in Mexico, we can find the famous "Pueblos Magicos," places where one can spend days and learn about the ancient customs, as well as enjoy impressive landscapes, weather, and local gastronomy.

However, you can also find beautifully colored beaches, unique shopping centers with shops you won't find anywhere else, restaurants and much more.

Knowing Mexico has many benefits; being able to understand more about the great cultural heritage that this country has, such as the different cultures that make the historical ruins that are distributed throughout the country, such as the Mayan, Olmec, Aztec among many others.

If you have not yet traveled to Mexico either for business or pleasure, here we have for you a list of places to visit this 2020.

Los Cabos
The Arch of Cabo San Lucas

The Best Attractions to Visit this 2020 in Mexico

One of the best places that exist in Mexico, one of the most beautiful and impressive. The arch is located near the Sea of Cortez, and the fastest way to get there is by booking a boat tour in Cabo San Lucas.

You will find waters so crystal clear that you will be able to see the coral reefs on the bottom, as well as the diverse underwater life that lives there. Also, where the arch is located, it is possible to see groups of sea lions playing and relaxing.

Camel tour

The Best Attractions to Visit this 2020 in Mexico

It is well known that the camel is a native mammal of the deserts of Asia. However, this one adapts very well to the arid and desert zones that appear in Baja California.

For which to walk to a little more than two meters of height, mounted on one of the most imposing mammals can become a remarkable experience.

In addition to thanks to the countenance of the camel, up to two people can go in a single camel, the reason why it becomes a beautiful activity in pairs.

To learn more about this activity or to attend the different beaches of Cabo San Lucas, it is quite advisable to rent a car in Los Cabos with City Car Rental because with this company you can get discounts on various activities to do in Los Cabos.

Tulum Archaeological Zone

The Best Attractions to Visit this 2020 in Mexico

One of the most aesthetic archaeological zones that exist in all Mexico is because the historical Ruins of Tulum border the Caribbean Sea, and it is possible to appreciate from the heights an impressive panoramic view of the blue sea.

Tulum is one of the destinations that has become a trend for both young couples and teenagers who are looking to learn more about the Mayan culture and spend an excellent time in one of the most paradisaical places in the entire Riviera Maya.

One of the best and most efficient ways to enjoy a trip to Tulum is acquiring a Cancun to Tulum Shuttle service. Many companies provide this service; one of the most popular options is eTransfers.

Sian Ka'an Biosphere Reserve

The Best Attractions to Visit this 2020 in Mexico

UNESCO has maintained this protected area since 1987, and it is considered a World Heritage Site since a large number of species can be found within this area.

A tour of this place is worthwhile to know a little more about the nature that we can find in the different areas of Mexico.

It is worth visiting either of the two places to visit, undoubtedly the most recommended to be able to know these and more of the best attractions that Tulum has for you is to hire a Cancun shuttle Transportation. So that it can take you through the Riviera Maya and with a private tour can have a better experience!

Chichen Itza

The Best Attractions to Visit this 2020 in Mexico

One of the most impressive and imposing world wonders; without a doubt the most representative ruins by the Mayan Culture, in this amazing place you will be able to witness the wonderful Kukulkan pyramid.

Besides being able to witness one of the best activities that exists in this place, since at night there is an incredible game of lights and sounds where the descent of the feathered serpent is simulated by the pyramid, as it happens in equinox seasons.

One of the best recommendations is to rent a car in Cancun, since you will get incredible discounts and unique prices in many of the attractions you can find in the Riviera Maya.

This way you can save a few dollars and enjoy the best attractions in the Riviera Maya to the fullest.

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