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The Bell Pepper Uprising

By Kate_miller
The Bell Pepper Uprising$1.94 That's 1 dollar and 94 cents for one bell pepper.
And, so begins the revolution.
The Bell Pepper UprisingI'm a little outraged by food prices. And, I imagine ~ unless you've been living under a rock ~ you are, too.
Before you reprimand me... may I just say I wouldn't be nearly so outraged if I'd purchased this pepper at some groovy organic farm?
At least, in that scenario, I'd be assured a lot of love and affection, not to mention safe practices, went into the growing of it.
But, I didn't. I snatched it up, while running errands at Walmart, 'cause I needed dinner on the table in about 40 minutes. Did you know that bell peppers rank #7 in the Dirty Dozen? The top 12 veggies that contain the most pesticides?
The Bell Pepper UprisingTruth be told, I'd much prefer to fill my gardens with beautiful flowers and leave the produce planting to farmers. (Or, gardening guys. Have you noticed how men are suddenly all over the idea of growing tomatoes? I'm loving this new-to-me trend. :)
I guess, as a gardener, I'm feeling financially ~ and morally ~ obligated to buck this whole skyrocketing price thing and thumb my nose at the man.
Because... it is kind of ridiculous, don't you think? That we gardeners can grow a basket of bell peppers, from seed, for the price of a single pepper at the store?
Save a Bundle ~ Quick-Growing Veggies for Mountain Gardens
  • The Bell Pepper UprisingBloomsdale Long Standing Spinach
    • matures in 42 days
  • Coronado Crown Hybrid Broccoli
    • matures in 58 days
  • Early Contender Bush Beans
    • mature in 49 days
  • Little Marvel Sweet Peas
    • mature in 62 days
  • Black Cherry Tomatoes
    • mature in 65 days
  • Fat 'N Sassy Hybrid Sweet Pepper
    • mature in 65 days
  • Scarlet Nantes Carrot
    • matures in 70 days
Mountain Veggie Growing Tips
Most every veggie has a quick-growing cousin that does well during our short mountain summers. I choose a lot of veggies based on how quick they reach harvest. Growing them in containers, on the deck, often delivers better results. The soil stays warmer at night and it's hotter on your deck, during the day.
The Bell Pepper Uprising

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