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By Kate_miller
We've heard a lot of talk about bees disappearing so I'm happy to report I have the answer to this worrisome mystery.
The Bee TeamThey're hangin' out at my place!
I've seen more bees in the garden this year than ever before. From big, hairy Bumbles to smaller wild bees, they're all earning their busy reputation among my flowers.
I'm scared of bees. Scared of sharks, too! Mostly because I'm a sucker for those chiller, thriller movies.
The Bee TeamThis year, the bees are so plentiful I've had to take a deep breath and put up with them buzzing around me in order to weed the garden.
Turns out, we have a lot in common. We both have a soft spot for flat-faced, daisy-type flowers. (They like to sit on 'em while I prefer to put them in a vase.)
The Bee TeamThey think blue, purple and yellow are about the only colors worth planting in a garden. (Me, too!)
And, we both think it's down right silly to be so manic about the Dandelions. They taste great.
The Buzz:
There are honey bees and lots of wild bees, including those hairy, scary 747s, the Bumblebees. They're all very mild-mannered, thinking that flowers taste much better than you do.
The Bee TeamAll bees are after the same stuff:
* Sweet nectar: works like a Red Bull on a road trip.
* Pollen: their version of a burger (protein) and fries (fat! yum!)
I haven't a clue why bees are disappearing and while I suppose they are pretty upset about their cell phone bills (who isn't?)
I highly doubt that cellphone signals are scaring them off.
Perhaps they're not getting enough of what they came looking for...? Most hybridized flower varieties sold in the US cannot provide a decent diet of nectar or protein. Native plants, on the other hand, are like a 5 star restaurant to bees.
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