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The Beatles- Everyday Chemistry

Posted on the 20 February 2014 by Outroversion @outroversion

The Beatles- Everyday Chemistry

The Beatles- Everyday Chemistry

It’s hard to say whether this is worth a post or not though the initial moment of imagination capturing possibilities that it presents makes me say yeah why not. It’s a nice story and a welcome piece of escapism.

I’m going to go right ahead and ruin it for anyone and say that this isn’t a new Beatles album from a parallel universe where all 4 Beatles are still alive and making music together… whether that’s necessary for me to point out is negligible.

The TL;DR goes that a man travels to an alternate dimension where he meets a fellow in a shack who has a bunch of beatles memorabilia and music that post-date their break up. He takes one of the tapes and this is it.

I don’t wish to drag anyone by the hand through this experience but basically this is a mash up of solo Beatles’ work all put together on one album with remixed music to sound like something new. Now this might sound a bit pointless however, The Beatles “Love” album was essentially this (with Beatles work) and it was spectacular plus a random person on reddit said that this was just as good and listening to it, and I must say it is enjoyable…

That is for what it is, whether you choose to see it as a remix album in the vein of the gray album that a beatles fan made or if you would like to meditate on the alternate reality proposal which as caricatural as it is, is a pleasant trip into a fantasy that I think most would wish was this one.

As far as the tape goes, anyone who’s listened to even just Paul and John’s best solo work will recognize “Jet” (oh so cleverly titled here as “Jenn“) and “Watching the Wheels“, which is named “I’m just sitting here“… Oh god, part of me sees just how ludicrous this all is and that it isn’t in keeping with this blog but the other part is a dreamer… I’m not going to finish that sentence.

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