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The Beast from the East?

By Ninstravelog @ninstravelog
The Beast from the East?

When we moved to the UK in November 2015 after living in the Middle East for 10 years, my husband was a bit scared that we might suffer from the British Winter. However, that year was maybe the mildest UK winter ever; the temperature was above 10°C throughout November and December with a bit of frost here and there during January and February 2016.

The Cherry blossom in January

The Winter 2015-2016 was maybe a bit colder and dry yet still no real winter - as no snow. However, the news from other European Countries as well as other 4 season countries they were getting plenty of snow. I was a bit disappointed with the UK: "Four season country? but no snow????"

* * *

Being an island as the British Isles is located off Europe, I guess it doesn't have the same climate behaviour like mainland Europe; in fact the UK has a more temperate climate. It may have winter, but not as harsh as Europe, it also has a nicer summer, not as hot as many southern Europe countries.

Winter 2017-2018, I experienced a little snow for a few days after Christmas, but it soon disappeared, it only lasted a day. Well at least it had made up the term of a White Christmas.

"The beginning of March is supposed to mark the start of spring - but instead the region experienced its coldest snap for decades". - Manchester Evening News

But then on the 1st of March 2018 (supposedly the first day of Spring) came Storm Emma, at -4°C and together with "the Beast from the East" with strong wind and rain ( because it was subzero, it came in the form of snow).... Everybody got excited; many main roads were blocked, lots of people did not go to work as major transportation was disrupted; they preferred to stay home.... or not:

Honestly, this was the climate I expected in the UK, but (un)fortunately "the Beast from the East" only happens once in a blue moon, not every year. And I guess this is why everybody got excited when it happened unlike my experience when I lived in Sweden, the "winter period" that ends up with snow happens every winter, and the temperature can plummet easily to -20°C without getting too excited over it; it's just another day in the office for the Swedes.

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