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The BAYV Beginners Guide To Using Sky+

Posted on the 30 March 2011 by Buyasyouview @BuyAsYouView

If you’ve never had or used Sky+, you may be wondering if it’s quite as revolutionary as everyone seems to think it is. Obviously, you can make up your own mind by trying it out, but to give you an overview of the features available and remote shortcuts that make it all possible, Buy As You View have come up with a short article which should help you to get an idea if Sky+ is for you and your home. Additionally, by combining Sky+ with one of the fantastic pay weekly TVs from the BAYV range, you can have a top quality viewing experience for low weekly/monthly payments.

The BAYV beginner's guide to Sky+
Sky+ is a combined satellite TV receiver and Personal Video Recorder (PVR) in one. It records up to 180 hours of TV onto a built-in hard disk with the option of copying programmes/films from your PVR to another format (such as DVD or USB). Whilst watching one television channel you can be recording another, in addition to being able to record two different channels at the same time whilst watching something that you previously recorded.

When you select a programme to record, the system will give you the option to ‘series link’ which means that all remaining programmes within the series will be recorded to your PVR automatically, keeping track of schedule changes and avoiding repeats. And by watching all of your chosen programmes via the PVR, you can skip through adverts, pause and rewind. The live pause functionality enables you to pause live TV if you are distracted; you can also rewind for up to half an hour of missed viewing.

When using the remote, the ‘tv guide’ button gives you immediate access to programmes that are currently being shown as well as future listings for the next few days ahead (the timescale varies depending on the channel). The coloured buttons act as shortcuts for viewing programme listings + or – 24 hours and explanations for these controls are always shown at the bottom of the tv guide screen. The up and down arrow buttons enable you to move up and down through the listings with the ch + and – buttons (on the right hand side of the remote) moving up and down through the listings a page at a time. When the programme that you wish to view is highlighted, the ‘select’ button will switch the mini TV (in the top right of the screen) to the chosen channel; pressing ‘select’ again will enable you to view the programme in full screen mode. One other useful tip is to use the play button as a quick link to your library of recorded programmes.

If you choose to subscribe to Sky+ HD, there are a number of high definition (HD) channels that are now available for you to view. However, to view them in HD you also need to have a high definition television. Buy As You View have a wide range of pay weekly high definition TVs to suit every budget; for more information, please follow this link.

For more help, advice and useful tips for using Sky+, please visit the official Sky website.

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