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The Bavarian Dish I Will Not Be Trying

By Monkeys And Mountains Adventure @Laurel_Robbins

Bavarian dish
The impossible has been done!   I have recently discovered one Bavarian dish that makes even Leberkäse (Liver cheese),  which I think resembles Spam canned luncheon meat, look good.  Not an easy feat!  Needless to say I  will not be trying -  saueres Kalbs-Lüngle knödel which translates as “sour calf lung dumplings”.  Sour calf-lungs dumplings are basically a Bavarian version of meatballs, held together with bread crumbs, but instead of using ground beef, calf lungs are used with a splash of vinegar to result in the sour taste.  Ironically at our large table it was not any of the Bavarians that ordered it, it was the German girl from Hannover.  ”I wouldn’t eat it everyday” she remarked between bites “but once in a while I like it.”  Everyone else ordered the safer sounding alternative – a Spinat knödel (spinach dumpling)….  I think I’ll stick with my Käse Spätzle, (German mac and cheese) or my absolute favorite, Deep Fried Camembert – even if they’re not Bavarian dishes!  Would you try Sour Calf Lung Dumplings?

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