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The Baltimore Riots Are A Symptom Of Our Sick Society

Posted on the 30 April 2015 by Jobsanger
The Baltimore Riots Are A Symptom Of Our Sick Society
For the past few days, Americans have witnessed riots in Baltimore. Some are defending the police in that city and calling the rioters "thugs", while others see those riots as just outrage over police brutality. I think both sides are avoiding the real truth.
Don't get me wrong. I believe there is far too much brutality and racism among this nation's police, and that needs to be addressed. But even fixing that will not solve the problem, because those police are mainly just defending a society that is sick. The real problem goes much deeper.
The truth is that far too many people in this country have been shut out of our society. This has happened because of an unfair justice system, an unfair economy, a still too large unemployment problem, an unfair educational system, and racist attitudes that still pervade our society. These problems have created a large and growing class of people that do not have access to the "American Dream". Americans like to think that everyone in this country enjoys an equal opportunity, but that is a myth. Many people have no opportunity at all.
And don't make the mistake of thinking this problem is just in Baltimore. People have been shut out of our society in every city in this country. And the rage of this exclusion is simmering in all of those cities -- waiting to be touched off by some incident.
More militarization of the police will not solve this problem. Calling in the National Guard will not solve it either. It can only be solved by creating fairer economic, justice, and educational systems -- and by renewing our efforts to stamp out racism and bigotry. That's not an easy solution -- but it is the only solution.
NOTE -- While this is most visible among minorities right now, the problem is not exclusive to them. There are many whites who have also been shut out of our society. Right now, they still think they have access to the political system to better their lot. But if they ever realize the truth, that most politicians don't care about them either, then we could have a huge problem -- a problem that will blow our unfair society apart.

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