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The Bachelorette Returns

By Datecoachtoni @CoachToni

Will this be a rerun, replay, rehash, or just another rehearsal for a real life courtship leading to commitment? I always watch the Bachelor and Bachelorette- if not in real time then I TiVo it and view it later. After all, I’m a dating coach- it’s my job to know what is going on in the dating world.

However, after many seasons of watching excited and eager participants vie to be the chosen one of the one CHOSEN by ABC- I am getting weary of the same plot lines with new twists thrown in. Put bluntly- the show is becoming a cliché.

Between the first night dramas, acting out, passing out and inappropriate passes, there is little new here. Then there are all the over the top date venues, acting out bachelors and bachelorettes, dramas and jealousy between house mates- and the featured villain of every episode. What and Who will it be is the norm, not what can we expect this season.

Finally, there is the FRUSTRATION that always follows the after the rose ceremony when he or she has chosen the wrong person AGAIN- and happily ever after quickly dissolves into he said/she said for a hefty sum to the tabloids. Can’t ANYONE make a good decision on this show and pick someone who really is a good fit for them? Or is it just that the producers manipulate the relationships and decisions in order to bring out the most shocking scenes and highest drama possible?

If anyone at ABC is reading this, please consider changing the script. Let the ending be a choice to pick one person to get to know better. Screen the contestants in order to rule out sociopaths, folks with criminal or abusive histories, personality disorders, spouses and “special” friends- and the like. Have the participants stay in average homes and give them a budget with which to plan their dates. Make group dates much smaller, and offer more opportunity for one to one time for ALL contestants with the chosen one- even if you have to provide it.

All this may seem far less interesting or viewer attractive- but if some long term, healthy relationships result the interest in the show should go up.

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