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The Babysitter Bill

By Newsanchormom

The Babysitter Bill
If you have a regular babysitter, listen up. This could set a precedence. It would certainly have a big impact on people who babysit and people who can barely afford their babysitter. What do you think about this proposal?
FROM NBC: The California Legislature is considering a bill that could mean drastic changes for nannies. The bill could make them eligible for lunch breaks, minimum wage, worker's compensation, paid vacation, and overtime pay. With four kids of her own, Melinda Bombaro knows the concerns many parents have about childcare, especially when it comes to hiring a nanny.
Melinda Bombaro/Parent: "Families are obviously entrusting you to take care of their children in their home, so it's a wonderful responsibility to really have a lot
of input into these kids' lives." But having previously been a nanny herself, she doesn't exactly equate it to a full time job. Melinda Bombaro/Parent: "I think childcare naturally has breaks. Children nap, you fix the child lunch, you sit down and eat your own lunch."
But according to some state legislators, that's not enough. and caregivers could soon be compensated. Assembly bill 889, otherwise known as the "baby sitting bill" would require household employers to pay minimum wage, except minors or family members. caregivers would also be entitled to rest breaks every two hours and a lunch break.

That means an additional babysitter would need to be hired to relieve the nanny. they would also get overtime pay. and if they didn't get it, they could sue their employer.

Melinda Bombaro/Parent: "It may discourage families, that would be my visceral reaction."
Still, it depends who you ask. Jan Huckins is also a mother and former nanny.
Jan Huckins/Former Nanny: "My experience was positive, but I can see how someone could really be abused as a nanny and almost be like a nanny/caretaker, and
kind of like the help too." While the opinions are mixed, former nanny or not, to some it's just not feasible. Melinda Bombaro/Parent: "It may be tricky to try and find someone to come in for an hour a day. Who's gonna want to come for an hour?"
-NewsAnchorMom Jen

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