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The Awesome Fallout 4: 10 Things We Love About It

By Dudepins @dudepins

The Fallout game franchise has probably been the number one video game that defined most of your childhood and adolescence years. Any guy who enjoyed a little computer time and exploring fictional worlds via first-person video games surely remembers Fallout 3 fondly. From the breath-taking initial song that opened the game-play to the post-apocalyptic imagery and the line that has been hugely paraphrased and can make us chuckle instantly ('Come in, chosen one'), everything about the game has become part of the wider popular culture. This is why the awesome Fallout 4 has been hugely anticipated and eagerly awaited by video games fans everywhere, and when it was finally released last fall, it surely didn't disappoint.

The Awesome Fallout 4: 10 Things We Love about It

Here are the top 10 facts about the amazing Fallout 4, and which are enough to convert any Fallout 4 skeptic to a full-pledged believer. Some of them you might not be aware of yet, some of them you may not have noticed, and some of them may be just the things you love about the awesome Fallout 4 yourself. Enjoy!

1. The Amazing First-Person Voice Acting

If previous versions of the game featured most on what other characters were thinking and feeling, the awesome Fallout 4 finally allows us a glimpse into our own characters. The voice acting which supports the thoughts expressed by the character we play is amazingly realistic and artistic at the same time. Truth be told, most players will surely experience goosebumps on account of this truly masterful voice acting in one moment or another throughout the gameplay.

2. Movie-Style Storytelling

Instead of going all modern on the story, like many competing games do nowadays, switching from one character to another for a POV recount, Fallout 4 will continue along the path of cinematography which previous versions of the game already dabbled in. The true movie-like sequences of storytelling will make you feel like you are in your favorite cinema instead of scrolling through some character's minds and graphically limited standpoints. As a bonus, you will also be able to customize it (choose the voice option and so on).

The Awesome Fallout 4: 10 Things We Love about It

3. The Trusted Companion

The new player companion is probably one of the most awesome Fallout 4 features we immediately noticed and loved. You can go for the classic man's best friend option (the dog you encounter on the road) or explore more if you're searching for more unique companions; sky's the limit!

4. The Virtual, Destroyed Boston is Eerie and Hauntingly Realistic

For the realization of the game, Bethesda (the developer) has sent numerous teams to map out the landmarks and geography of the actual Boston, so that the imaginative way we can walk through its irradiated pathways is as realistic as possible. For any of the players who are familiar with the actual city, taking a walk through the awesome Fallout 4 version of it will be so trippy it will truly give you goosebumps.

5. More Freedom to Explore

Instead of giving you a limited number of options like previous games did, the new Fallout 4 allows you do to just about anything you can think of it the seamless virtual world, no matter how off-script it is. If you'd just rather go exploring through the wild or kill anyone you interact with, you're free to do just that without a 'game over' message popping up immediately after. Thumbs up for the awesomely dynamic sandbox world that manages to not feel like a video game at all, but more like a true epic adventure!

6. The VATS (Vault-Tec Assisted Targeting System)

One of the most beloved features of Fallout 3, the VATS mode allowed you to choose what part of a character's body you'd like to aim for and attack, press the button and then just let the shots rip their way through. Even if you weren't the best aimer in the gaming world, the system allowed you to still win just by being a good strategist. Now, the VATS system in its new and improved version is among the awesome Fallout 4 features we couldn't be more thankful for.

7. Complete Weapon and Armor Customization

One of the coolest features of the Fallout gameplay, no matter what Fallout version we're talking about, was always the weaponry. Each Fallout game was amazingly impressive in this department, for its time and compared to the competition. The new and awesome Fallout 4 doesn't disappoint: the fact that you can perfectly customize your whole arsenal both in terms of effects and in terms of cosmetic tweaks in enough to keep us busy and excited for days.

8. One of the Richest Game Worlds (Huge Amount of Content)

If past games were usually boring after a while after all the content was seen and done, and all it remained was to grind your way through more gold and kills, rest assured that the Fallout 4 will be different. There won't be the risk to get bored so soon, but there will also not be a disconcerting amount of content that will get you to quit because you can't seem to advance with the story. In this respect, Fallout 4 really does deserve to be dubbed the 'world of worlds', as official reviewers and marketing campaigns have called it.

9. The Story Connects Past and Present

Finally, the plot of the awesome Fallout4 may just manage to connect the loop holes in the previous games' plot lines. The main character (which then gets played by the human player) starts his life before the nuclear war occurs and then lives for 200 years in the vault before emerging in the post-apocalyptic Boston. To find out more of the Fallout 4 story, you'll have to advance with the game-play: we're not giving any spoilers!

10. The Family Robot Survives as Well

Last, but not least, the great news that the family robot also makes it through the nuclear apocalypse is one of the awesome Fallout 4 details which will please fans everywhere. That little robot was really a crowd favorite, and meant to bring back many exciting memories of past games, not to mention that it brings with it the promise of more answered questions in the plot holes.



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