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The Attack of the Millenium Mom

Posted on the 17 October 2011 by Waxgirl333 @waxgirl333

However hard it was for them, that generation of women must have really figured things out because the generation of women I’m dealing with now are nothing short of frightening in their ability to juggle kids, high powered jobs, husbands and still have time for running marathons, doing yoga and blogging. Instead of managing these women, today many of them are my clients, contractors and colleagues. I have to say I am impressed and not a little bit intimidated by their ability to juggle all these things. (Since there doesn’t seem to be a definitive on the year that separates Generation X from Generation Y, I’m just going to say they’re kind of on the XY cusp born in the 70′s or later. )

I was what was called a “latchkey kid”. My mom went off to work when I was in second grade, so maybe I’m sensitive to the topic. I’m sure the women’s libbers of my mom’s generation and those of my own and Generation X tried to do a good job balancing home and work, but as I mentioned before they seemed to do it with a great deal of angst.

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