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The Art Of Talent

By Latoya @latoyallawrence

Energy Is A Great Motivator When It Comes To Achievement. When We Set A Goal It Is Usually Brought On By Desire. An Intense Desire That Causes Us To Be Inspired.

Creativity Stimulates The Mind To Express The Designs That Come Out Through Ones Talent.

There Are All Types Of Ability That Many Individuals Possess. Writing Is One Of Mine. It Is My Passion. An Uncontrollable Urge That I Cannot Stop Once I Get Started. And My Writing Is Automatic.

When You Take Great Delight In Something That You Do Whatever The Pursuit May Be, It Becomes Less Of A Chore And More Of A Sport.

Writing To Me Is Fun, Relaxing, And Constructive All At The Same Time. I Don’t Ever Have To Plan Ahead Or Contemplate Subjects To Compose. Ideas And Input Come Frequently And Spontaneously.

We Are Given Gifts For A Reason And Our Talents Are To Be Used For Ourselves And To The Best Of Our Ability.

As We Grow We Enhance. And When We Explore We Discover, And Sometimes Change.

Art Is A Reflection And Expression Of What We See, Live, Learn And Know. Vision Makes The Art Come Alive Through Provoking The Imagination. Vision Lets The Skill Decide How To Describe What Is Conceived. And Aptitude Brings The Final Result Out Into Existence.

True Talent Is Indeed An Art. And A Art That Is To Be Mastered Through Gratified Consistency.

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