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The Art of Remaining Happy

By Tanushree @TanushreeCS

The Art of remaining HappyI often drive past those swanky cars in my neighborhood and almost instantly make a mental picture of those who own it and their lifestyle. The frequent 5 star visits, expensive clothes, diamonds and the level of opulence that we can’t even imagine that they are experiencing with the possession of wealth always makes one jealous. But does this make them the happiest creatures on Earth?

I know some of these people and although they are happy but with there is the absence of real fulfillment and contentedness. It’s all in the mind. Being happy is a state of mind and it possible can’t be achieved truly with only the possession of materialistic things. Happiness is one thing that God has reserved equally for everyone. God has given the same rights to the poor as to the rich to be happy in life.

Real opulence doesn’t come with an empty cradle. A cradle is beautiful only when a baby is sleeping inside it or smiling even if it is a wooden one. An empty gold cradle has no value in my eyes. I learnt this from my Guru. If real happiness comes from the materialistic things then what would happen if that is taken away from you? If your house catches fire then make a point of saving the photographs and video tapes first as you can buy everything else but you can never have those memories back.

Keep good people near you. People may also just mean 1 person to you as you need someone who truly loves you. If you are fortunate then you may have a bunch of people who truly are there to share your sorrows and happiness. But even if it is only one person then make sure that you always value that person and thank God that you have a living soul with whom you can confide your secrets and be yourself. This is real happiness. Rich people slowly leave behind the importance of valuing people and although I have tried to make sense of their ways, I end up with nothing to support such a trend.

Spiritual happiness is tough to attain and although it is the highest form of experiencing God within you, people ignore it. The simple art of remaining happy is to understand that happiness comes with love. Love everyone around you and people will love you back. What you sow is what you reap. Cultivate love and true happiness will flow to you. Being rich means is to value what you already have. You are a rich person if you value what you already possess and you are being loved because that would mean that you really have perfected the art of being happy.

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