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The Art of Learning English Through Science

By Tlb

“Science is a systematized body of knowledge based on facts.”

I was in the sixth grade when my teacher abruptly called me in a typical class recitation and asked me what the definition of science is. I stood in awe. In other words, I didn’t know the answer at all. It was a shameful moment for someone to be asked with such “difficult” question to a young child I used to be.

Learning English through Science

The next day, I finally got the definition of science in a dictionary and memorized it. Even before the science class officially started, I raised my hands and challenged my teacher to ask me the same question the day before. Impressed and surprised, he granted to ask me the same question again and gave him my definition. Still unsatisfied, he asked me what does “systematized”, “body of knowledge” and “based on facts” mean. I was already ready for that. I confidently explained to him what those words mean and give details with the matter. The class was overwhelmed, and so does my teacher. How’s that for a good recovery?

When I come up to the topic of learning English through Science, with all do respect with my experiences, it was something that is worth pondering. It made my English skills sharpened and gave me the opportunity to rise up my lids of limitations and become excellent for that matter. Truly indeed, at some point, science and English goes hand in hand.

As for Brighten Education Centre, “studying science in English improves upon a student’s foundation and allows them to expand their language abilities. Not only does it improve reading comprehension and vocabulary, studying science also teaches you how to question, investigate, report, and communicate.” So my experiences are indeed “based on facts.” I know there are lots of children and young adults out there as well who excelled to learn English language better when they strive to be excellent in Science also.

So English skills will not only be enhanced when you learn English at language school. Yes, we are thankful that we have that because its level of approach is specific and holistic when it comes to language learning. But if you are currently enrolled to an institution where English is taught, this alone can be your tool to improve your language skills. Make the most of what you have, especially when it comes to language learning. You’ll never know; your decision to learn English in a language school will raise your knowledge to a different level and utilize it to a more wholesome way.

Start developing your English skills as early as now. You can actually do so by being excellent in your Science lessons as well. It’s a thought to ponder!

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