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the Arab Bakery That Closes for Pesach

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
Here is an amazing story about a bakery closing on Pesach, posted by Hanoch Daum on Facebook...
The bakery in question is the Abulafya bakery, by the Tel Aviv Port. Abulafya is an Arab-owned bakery, and it closes on Pesach every year...
The story behind the closing is thus, as told by the owner of Abulafya, Said Abulafya:
46 years ago the bakery had a neighbor named Rav Shlomo Zalman Shtauber, who had a shoe factory. The rav was very pained by the sight of so many Jews lining up on Pesach by the bakery, and decided to make a proposal to my grandfather, Said Ob"m, in whose name I am called.

The rav asked my grandfather Said how much the bakery profits over the week of Pesach - and grandfather answered him. It was the same as the cost of an apartment in Jaffa at the time, all in one week.

The rav proposed to grandfather that if he would close the bakery on Pesach, he would take care of that amount of money. Grandfather agreed, and during that week he did renovations on the bakery, and enjoyed some vacation.

Every year, a week before Pesach, Rav Shtauber would come with the money - and grandfather would close for Pesach. In the 6th year, grandfather preempted the rav and went to his factory. Grandfather told the rav that we received such a blessing during the rest of the year just for having closed on Pesach, that he will continue to close on Pesach for no payment [from Shtauber].

Since then, we continue the tradition of grandfather Said, who unfortunately died before I was born.

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