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The American Film Market - A Closer Look

Posted on the 31 May 2013 by Rashaunah @rashaunahasya
The American Film Market - A Closer Look     Deal making is the livelihood of most filmmakers, producers, and screenwriters.The most lucrative events to attend to be involved in such deal making are the Cannes Film Festival, the American Film Market, and MIP Tv. These events allow filmmakers to share their project with the world and gain financing or distribution for that project. Recognition at Cannes can skyrocket the career of a novice and destroy the career of an expert, both at the same time.
     The American Film Market is an eight-day event, full of deal making.This year, it takes place November 6thto November 13th in Santa Monica, California.Films in every stage of development are closed on, with hope of massive profit and popularity.   From Conferences include finance, pitching, production, marketing and distribution. After classes, the market opens up. Deals can include packaging, developing, financing, licensing and distributing projects.The possibilities literally seem endless by attending such a recognized event. Major brands like Audi and Wells Fargo attend to reach filmmakers and screenwriters as well.morning to lunch time, classes take place in a conference like manner. Classes cover everything from film treatment to screen.

The American Film Market - A Closer Look     Buyers are constantly searching for investment opportunities, so in addition to attending and exhibiting a project, filmmakers may also advertise their company and project on banners at the event, the screening catalogue, staircase and column signage, trailer streams, atrium banners, event bag art, event bag inserts, and much more.Investing in an event like the American Film Market can make a gigantic difference in someone’s film career.It’s well worth the investment.If a production company is truly serious about what projects they have to offer, they can also be an exhibitor, which costs anywhere from $3,500 and up. Exhibitors may have tables at the event and also may screen their films at the event.

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