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The AI Future Isn’t Going to Be What You Think, Can’t Be

By Bbenzon @bbenzon

Now that ChatGPT and other engines have put AI on the agenda, hopes and fears for the future are multiplying. But they are hopes and fears of people who have never lived a world where (powerful and flexible) AI is ubiquitous. Living in such a world will surely change our hopes and fears in ways we cannot now imagine, no matter how much science fiction we consume. After all, the creators of that science fiction haven’t actually lived in the worlds they are imagining.

This puts entrepreneurs in a tricky situation. What if the products they create change how people deal with the world in ways that make those products obsolete? The so-called Metaverse is one thing to those of us just imagining it – which is pretty much all of us. What will be to those who can enter it at will? And what, in consequence, will everything else become?

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