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The Age Old Question Is Answered: Sells For More Than

Posted on the 25 January 2013 by Worldwide @thedomains

For thousands of years people have argued about things like, Sin and gambling?

Now at least in domain name terms we have an answer, not as to which is worse, but to which is more valuable.

The domain name just sold on for $16,587

The domain name got purchased for a mere $12,877.

Here are a few other notable sales from just got sold for just $2K

Better to be a sinner than a wise Owl I guess. sold for $8,500, the only Chaz I’m aware of is Chaz Bono, no I’m not going to go there went for $3,376 about 1/5 the price of, no I’m not going to go there either. went for $3,727 ( I always thought it was and people say I’m a bad speller) sold for $2,750 sold for $2,654 went for just $1,466 went for $1,416 went for $1,312 sold a week ago for $7,100 (wee)

and sold for a reasonable $6,766



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