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The Adventures Of Chanticleer And Partlet

By Itellyouastory

1. How They Went To The Mountains To Eat Nuts

«The nuts  are quite  ripe now,»  said Chanticleer  to his  wifePartlet, «suppose we go  together to  the mountains,  and eat  as manyas we  can, before the  squirrel takes  them  all away.»  «With  all myheart,»  said Partlet, «let us go and make a holiday of it together.»

So they went to  the mountains; and  as it was a  lovely day, theystayed there till the evening. Now,  whether it was that  they had eatenso  many nuts that they could not walk, or whether they were lazy andwould not,  I do not know: however, they took it into their heads thatit did not become them to go home on foot. So  Chanticleer began tobuild a little  carriage of nutshells: and  when it was  finished,Partlet jumped  into it and  sat down, and bid Chanticleer harnesshimself to it and draw her home. «That’s a good joke!» said Chanticleer;«no, that  will never do; I had rather  by half walk home; I’ll sit onthe box and be coachman, if you like, but I’ll not draw.» While this waspassing, a duck came quacking up and cried  out, «You thievingvagabonds, what business have  you in my grounds? I’ll  give it you wellfor your insolence!»  and upon that she fell upon  Chanticleer mostlustily. But Chanticleer was no coward, and returned the duck’s blowswith his sharp spurs so fiercely that she soon began to cry out formercy; which was only granted her upon condition that she would draw thecarriage home for them. This she  agreed to do; and  Chanticleer gotupon the  box, and drove, crying, «Now, duck, get on  as fast as youcan.» And away  they went at a pretty good pace.


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