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The AC SS 2015 Style Portfolio: Thoughts on a Sunlit Night

By Attireclub @attireclub

What do you dream of? Is it knights on horseback, wild explorations or talking animals? Or do you dream of flights to other dimensions, understanding things in new and original ways and living a life that is different from your own? Whatever your dreams are, one thing is certain: we all have dreams and many of us spend summer nights feeling like we are in a dream, where anything and everything can happen.

Dreams however, are always composed of elements that lie in the back of our minds with things we consciously perceive or want and this is why the results are at very many times eclectic and strange.

Elements mix and the impossible becomes possible.

The Attire Club spring-summer Style Portfolio featuring an original collection is inspired from the ways in which the modern mind conceives the clothes of the baroque and of the romantic era that followed soon after. Both the baroque art and the romantic vision were movements that created worlds of their own, but they did it in different ways, just like every man today created his own personal dreaming world, which mixes everyday modern elements with things you know from somewhere with your own ideas, vision and concepts. Peasants and artists working together, scientists and nobles collaborating: this is what life is all about.

Shaping one's dreams through clothes is a way of creating a generator that has the ability to make them come true. And what better thing is there in the world than to have a dream and for it to come true?

Fraquoh and Franchomme

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