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The Absolute Moron’s Guide to the Euro Crisis

Posted on the 14 June 2012 by Cheerfulegg @lioyeo

The Absolute Moron’s Guide to the Euro Crisis

Came across this yesterday, and thought that it was way too awesome not to share! Presenting:

The Absolute Moron’s Guide to the Euro Crisis Part I and Part II   (Hat tip Barry Ritholtz)

Totally awesome for those of you who’ve been trying to wrap your heads around this Euro crisis thing, so you have something smart to say at that awkward moment when it’s just you and your boss in the elevator. (I didn’t do so well – today, I got stuck in the elevator with my boss and I stammered at how awesome it was that our company has an annual fire drill. Smooth, Lionel, smooth.)

My favorite parts (SPOILER ALERT):

“Also, there are still a lot of question marks surrounding the bailout — where the $125 billion will come from, what the terms of the bailout will mean for existing Spanish bondholders, and whether the troika will require Spain’s government to enforce any spending cuts.

THE TROIKA. Sorry, it just sounds like a badass weapon from Game of Thrones.”

And also:

“Anyway, after months of speculation and hand-wringing, Spain agreed to take a bailout — which some people are calling “Spailout” because it’s fun to combine words — that will help it recapitalize its banks. 

Recapitalize? Is that like when you’re texting on an iPhone and you want to type “mark” but it keeps changing it to “Mark” because it thinks you’re talking about your friend Mark and then you scream at Siri, “I’m not talking about Mark, Siri!!!”

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