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the Abos, the Moon and the EMPIRE BUILDERS Country Mansions

Posted on the 26 November 2012 by Freeplanet @CUST0D1AN
the abos, the moon and the EMPIRE BUILDERS country mansionsOkay, let's talk about who OWNS what?
Mineral Assets - YOU THE PEOPLE
Ancestral Lands - YOU THE PEOPLE
"The moon, Mike, are you insane?" no, I'm not insane, this is logical. We all own the moon. As we all own this planet. As we all own every single item that makes it up, the 'profitable assets' as a corporate finance column header might put it.
Take that lovely Empire Builder country mansion (above illo), if you can steal enough of someone else's land and hope and freedom by reference to historical atrocities, deeds and clever wordage, you too can own this luxurious property a good fair distance from the hoi poloi and the degenerates of 'prosperity' forced to crime their way to a criminal lifestyle.
I say Empire Builder because these things seem to come FLAT PACKED, you just get your slave team to unpack and erect it for you in a stolen and fenced off aka 'private' part of some 'country' and 'voila', country home is yours. Why Empire Builder? Well, the crime syndicate that sticks together stays together, and this is the real sickness. Mankind is GOING ALONG WITH the concept of a criminal cabal who think 'they have the right' (by whatever (usually violent) means) to ringfence and sequestrate any 'so-called profitable thing' they find on this Free Planet.
But it's not 'theirs' to do that with, it's OURS. Or rather, by deed of nature, it 'belongs to everybody'. Now, this doesn't mean that 'anyone' come come live in 'your home' and put their muddy boots all over 'your dinner table' or 'fuck your daughters'. No, there still have to be limits to social behavior. These limits would be set by the tribes themselves, as tribal living has always set its own rules. You break the rules, you're banished from the tribe.
But where do the abos (or aboriginal peoples) fit into this? They're dumb, thick, worthless savages whose land we stole and whose dreams we shattered; we moved them from their ancestral position on the planet, we murdered the care takers; the Custodians. These 'abos' knew what they were doing, they were HONOURING mother earth and all her bounty; they weren't trying to sell it off to the highest bidder like some pathetic GAME.
Which is all it is, a game.
They were THE RIGHTFUL OWNERS, well owners might not be the right word as it implies me me me, Care Takers is better. But you'll say, "Man is an intelligent species who needs to progress and advance," well, he's not showing much evidence to back that up, is he?
You can't put a corporate flag on the moon and claim it as your own personal war territory - that's not how Custodianism works. The moon already belongs to you, as does the sun. It was put there (is there) so that you can USE IT and no one will say anything. It's yours to do with as you see fit. But if this means destroying that asset or just destroying the place where you got that asset from, YOU'RE IDIOTS and you're SHITTING IN YOUR OWN BACK GARDEN.
Nuclear power's a great idea, right -- oh, the toxic waste that never dies, right...

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