The 5-Factor Diet Review

Posted on the 06 May 2016 by Sadia

The 5-Factor DietThe 5-Factor Diet is the creation of a well known trainer, Harley Pasternak. As the name indicated, it revolves around the number 5: 5 meals to consume each day, meals which contain 5 ingredients each, 5 kind of exercises to do in 25 minutes as well as 5 days of break or cheat. A number of celebrities have been reported as followers of this plan but this ,of course, has yet to be the guarantee of success.

List of Ingredients

Complete list is unavailable.

Product Features

The Five Factor Diet features fitness routines and a list of healthy recipes as a complete weight loss program in order to help with men and women struggling to lose their extra fat and weight. The Five Factor Diet requires no supplement to be taken along with the program.

One of the attraction of the Five Factor Diet program is its cheat days where users can forget about the regime and rules for a full day. The program costs users $30 every five week, on average. When users achieve their individual target, there is no need to continue with the program thus no more cost. Celebrities are known to have posted testimonials on the official website.


  • No need to take prescription pills since The Five Factor Diet includes none.
  • The program urges regular exercise, an indication of a good program.
  • Positive feedback from well known figures, with proven fit and in shape bodies.


  • The program does not list, include or disclose any appetite suppressant within its system.
  • The program is not exactly quick or simple; some people with weight problems might be more interesting in other products which require only regular intakes of certain supplement(s).
  • The Five Factor Diet asks for a change in diet plan which is quite unattractive to most people who are trying to lose weight. Not to mention it is really difficult to do.
  • This program does not indicate any help toward the problem of thermogenesis.


The Five Factor Diet seems sensible and natural, so much so that most of its potential customers should be able to figure out themselves. This is one of the reasons buying the Five Factor Diet is not highly recommended. Not to mention the fact that parts of the program turn out to contradict proven dieting philosophies. When it comes to specialized diets, there are far better one out there, as well as those which are more revolutionary.

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