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The 3 S’s of Preschool

By Jean Campbell

In her article on the 3 S’s of Preschool, Tracy Rasmussen identifies three skills important to a child’s functioning in preschool: Self-care, Sitting Still and Sharing. These are not academic subjects; these are life skills that help a child fit in, get on with other children and do well in a new environment.

Ms. Rasmussen suggests practicing with your child by having him or her sit for short periods of time at home such as when having a snack or being told a story. Story time is a good time to introduce sitting in a circle.

Play dates are a good way for children to practice sharing. If children have older siblings, they are used to the idea of having to share…they may not like it, but it is not a new concept for them.  Only children often are not faced with sharing on a regular basis until school. Time in the playground, park or frequent play dates is where they can practice sharing.

Self care, especially being able to put on one’s coat, jacket or sweater without assistance, is a tremendous help to the teacher, as well as giving a child a sense of independence. When a teacher has to help most of the children in the class with their clothing that cuts into teaching time and  play time as well.

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